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Stoker Hogs, Rams, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, White Tail Deer, Elk, Buffalo


  The Michigan DNR has made it Illegal to own & hunt Russian Hogs.  Here at Trophy Ranch Inc, has developed the Stoker Hog. Stoker Hogs are raised on pasture & woods, fed from, soybeans, and green grass. the meat is lean and tasty & healthy for you and your family. The Best way to fill your freezer!!


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Your Premiere Hunting Spot Since 1988!!


To my fellow hunters:

Here at Trophy Ranch, Inc. we will and can handle all of your hunting needs. We have a staff of good people to ensure a good and safe hunt.

Being an avid hunter myself, I know what it takes for a great hunt. We strive for top quality animals and a good selection.

Kevin Anthony




The animals here at Trophy Ranch, Inc. are as WILD and TOP QUALITY as possible. Our guides will field dress your game and bring it back to the lodge.

No hunting license required

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